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Pricing & Shipping


We believe our Shih Tzu's are amazing, We may be partial to them but we are very proud of what we have been able to produce. In one single litter their could be all different colors and sizes. 
Our Shih Tzu's will be priced depending on color, size and bloodlines. Sex does not matter in the price. 
all sold as pets with a spay/neuter contract. no breeding rights.

$2800.00 to $3500.00

$500.00 non refundable Deposit is to given at the time of saying yes to a puppy. 
Balance is to be paid for at pick up. This can be bank check {made out to MOLLIE DOUCETTE}  or cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS
If puppy is being sent with pet nanny balance needs to be given prior to shipping. Usually given 10-14 days prior to shipping. 

*** Puppies will be able to leave around 10-12 weeks old. Most leave at 10 weeks old. 
It will be determined by how they do when weaning from mom. If we feel they are not weaning like we want we will keep them here longer. We never push our puppies out the door. 

All puppies will need to be fixed by a certain date given by us.
Males by end of 6 months old
Females by the end of 8 months old. 
Proof of spay/neuter is to be sent to us, this is when AKC papers will be released.

*** We vary rarely sell as breeders***
We will sometimes sell our puppies with full AKC papers. {if they are of breeder quality}
If we do place a puppy with full AKC the price is determined by bloodline, size, sex and color. A lot of factors go into determining price. They will be substantially more money for breeding rights. Usually $1000-$1500 on top of pet price. 
Prices may not be determined until they are over 4-5 weeks old. {before this we can not tell if they will be breeder quaility}
*** We do not sell our puppies as breeders if we feel they will not be breeder quality {no exceptions}. This is why it is not determined until they are older. 



We will ship our puppies with a pet nanny only. We no longer will ship any of our puppies by cargo.
Sometimes the nanny's we use are booked up for a few weeks out from the time they are able to go home. This means it may take us a few weeks to get your puppy to you once they are old enough. Once you decide on a puppy and put a deposit down we will get a hold of a pet nanny and let you know when the puppy could come to you. Using a pet nanny is the best way for our babies to get to their new homes who are not close. 

A pet nanny is someone who flies to our local airport and pick up the puppy from us and then they fly in cabin with the puppy and hand delivered to new owner at their local or close to airport.  This is less stressful for the puppy.

Something to take into consideration is that some nanny's fly standby and with this flights and times can change so new owners need to be open to pick up that day and maybe the following day. 

Nanny's cost has gone up in the past year.
runs $650-$1000 {just an estimate} with the average being around $800.00. This is on top of the puppy price. {these are 2023 prices}

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