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Diva's 1

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Tatnicland's let us never forget

Holly has some big shoes to fill. She is out of our Suzie Q {who has been retired} who is a Sweet Tooth baby. Anyone who knows bloodlines in the Shih Tzu world may have heard of Holly Price the breeder of Sweet Tooth Shih Tzu. Holly lost her battle to cancer in 2021. Sweet Tooth is no longer. We were privileged to have been able to own A couple of her babies. Suzie Q being one of them.

This gorgeous girl is named after Holly a amazing woman all around.


Black and white

Weighs- 9-10 pounds


DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for white, liver and parti.

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Tatnicland's It's been a decade
AKA- Squirt



Squirt is one special girl....

 She was born March 1st 2020.

 She was born a decade after he left this world. Plus 1 day. 

She was held back from Isla {who has been retired} and Warrior {who has been retired} .

She has taken to our son as her person, They have such an amazing bond. When Izaiah walks into a room Squirt goes crazy. It is so beautiful to see.

She has the sweetest personality of all my dogs. Just amazing all around. I feel she was was sent to us from above.

Gold & White

weighs 9-10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for a lot of the traditional Shih Tzu colors, she is a heavy blue carrier.

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Tatnicland's Alani says Aloha

This is our quiet girl. You do not even know she is there until she wants to cuddle. She loves to sit on our lap and watch TV with us at night. She loves her belly rubs. 

She is one of our smallest girls.

Mom comes from European bloodlines.

Solid red

weighs 8 pounds

AKC reg

Dna Tested

Embark tested

She carries for blue, liver and Parti

eZy Watermark_26-02-2KKK023_02-21-10PM.JPG

Tiny Tzu Mighty Winniefred
AKA- Winnie

Brindle is such an amazing marking. {brindle is not a color}. We just love how they look. They look like they are painted. 

Winnie is an old sole. She just wants to be under our feet at all times. She is so loving and loves her people. Her eyes will just melt your sole.


weighs 9-10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA  tested

Embark tested

She carries for white, dobie, liver and parti

eZy Watermark_27-03-2023_06-38-08PM_edited.jpg

Charming Miss Georgia Belle
AKA- Georgia 

She is our Southern Belle. She is one of our favorite colors. Cream liver is just absolutely stunning. This girl also loves  to climb gates to get to her people She is our escape artist. She always has a toy in her mouth and greets us everyday like that. Her tail never stops. She is such a happy girl. 

Her little button nose is so darn cute .

Cream liver

Weighs 8 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for white, liver, red and one copy of black and brindle

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Tatnicland's let freedom ring
AKA- Freeda

Freeda is a puppy we held backShe is out of Pixie {has been retired} and Brinx {has been retired}

Freeda is so sweet. She loves to go for her daily walks and greet as many people as she can. 

She is one of my adults who is in a guardian home with one of my really good friends. 


She is a black/silver, so unique when her hair is grown out.

Weighs 10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for black, brindle, white, blue, liver and parti. 

eZy Watermark_29-03-2023_09-21-51AM_edited.jpg

Willow Creek's  midnight Cricket
AKA- Cricket

Cricket is is my most stocky girl. She is built like a brick house. She is thick & stocky. She has such a beautiful head. She is a playful girl and is always seen playing with toys & fur friends.

Jet black with a little white on her chest

Weighs 12-13 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for Parti.

eZy Watermark_25-02-2024_03-42-47-8180PM.jpg

Tatnicland's Half Russian roots
AKA- Meela

This girl is something special.

She is out of our Sochi [who is now retired} who was a puppy I imported from Russia. We are so glad we held this beautiful girl back from her.

We can't wait to keep this amazing line going here at Tatnicland. She is our puppy at heart, she gets into everything and is always tearing up any paper she finds. 

She is so mischievous it's comical. 


Gold & white

Weighs 11-12 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for liver and parti

eZy Watermark_20-03-2023_04-43-54PM 2_edited.jpg

Fantasy Realm's Jasmin
AKA- Jazzi

Jazzi is another one of my escape artist's. There is not much that will confine her. She is determined to get to her people and she will do whatever it takes. 

She is such a people dog and just needs to be where humans are. Once she escapes in the house and we find her, she just gives us that look, and we just can not get mad..

She is in a guardian home with a couple here in Maine.

Blue brindle & white

Weighs 11-12 pounds


DNA tested

Embark tested

She carries for blue, dobie,liver, white and black.

eZy Watermark_fav06-10-2023_08-15-06-7290PM.jpg

Tatnicland's made to order
AKA- Etsy

I have been waiting for this color from my own breeding forever. She is a cherry/red liver. She is out of my Georgia x Church. She is so smart, I am so amazed at how intuned to us she is already. She has been like that since she was a few weeks old. I can not wait to watch her grow and to see her color as an adult. 



solid Choc {non fading}

Weighs- TBD

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

she carries for ________________________

eZy Watermark_18-02-2024_07-47-49-0970PM

Tatnicland's Maine Strong
AKA- Louise

Louise is a rare cream lavender. She has the most amazing purple nose.  She was held back from my Jazzi and levi. She is a heavy blue carrier. Her personality is on fire. She is always on the move and investigating everything new she sees More info once she gets older.


cream lavender
She is hidden dobie and is considered a blue and liver. 

Weighs- TBD
AKC reg
DNA tested
Embark tested
she carries for- a rainbow of colors.-blue, liver, white,dobie and parti,


Tatnicland's love Island
AKA- Nadjha
Nadjha is a beautiful choc & white girl. 
More info as she grows and gets her personality. 

Choc & white
Weighs- TBA
AKC  Reg
will be DNA tested
will be EMBARK tested
She carries_____________________

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