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eZy Watermark_09-04-2023_11-00-28AM_edited.jpg

Tatnicland's Can I get an amen

Look how rich his color is. 

He is so in tuned to use. His eyes never leave us. He needs to know where we are at all times. When we get out of site he whines like a baby. He is mellow laid back guy. Just goes with the flow. He takes everything in stride and is so gentle.

Deep red

Weighs 10-11 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

He carries for white, liver and parti 

eZy Watermark_29-06-2023_07-58-51-1360PM_edited.jpg

Tatnicland' s blue jean baby
AKA- Levi

We had been searching for this color for a few years. He is a blue and tan dobie marked. His color was hard to find a few years ago. The dobie marked Shih Tzu's are becoming more popular in color but still rare. 

He loves to tease all the other dogs and get them all going. It is hilarious to watch. Never a dull moment with this guy. 

He keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn't change it for anything.

Blue & dobie marked

Weighs 10-12 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embarked tested

He carries for white, liver, blue and parti

eZy Watermark_25-06-2023_04-29-00-2850PM_edited.jpg

Tatnicland's my Alma Mator
AKA- Brewster

Brewster is our dream dog. This little guy has it all from his amazing looks, size and that he carries for every color in the Shih Tzu world. That face how can anyone resist not wanting to kiss it. 

We can not wait to see what this guy will bring to our program. We are smitten. He also has the most outgoing personality and just wants to cuddle with us. He is a busy little guy and is always sneaking off with the toys and hoarding them outside. 

Black & white

Weighs 7-9 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

He carries for a rainbow of colors. 

eZy Watermark_25-06-2023_04-21-49-9620PM 4_edited.jpg

Tatnicland's Topgun Goose


Just look at this guys markings. He is absolutly stunning. The dobie markings are becoming a little more seen then a few years ago. The dobie markings are rare and harder to find. I am hoping to produce some awesome babies with this guy so others can have this amaizng color. He is so chill and easy going. He doesnt let anything bother him. He has no care in the world. He follows us around like a little lost puppy, All he wants is to be held and carried around. He is a cuddle bug. 

Black and tan dobie marked

Weighs 10-12

AKC reg

DNA tested

Embark tested

He carries or dobie, white, gold, black, silver, blue, liver and brindle

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